chicago love on canvas

there are some amazing wedding blogs out there and they’re always a good source for ideas and inspiration.  i think i have too much time on my hands right now, so everything makes me oooh and ahhh and immediately want to run to the nearest art store.  my latest project: diy out of town tote bags.  they’re fun and functional, and oh so lovely.

{image from Ruffled}

i wanted to do something chicago related, so i decided to go with a simple silhouette of the chicago skyline printed on a natural canvas totebag.  here’s my design idea:

since i don’t have a lot of bags to make and the design is relatively simple, i decided to go the stencil route rather than screenprint.  it takes awhile getting used to the stencil technique so you get smooth lines rather than blotchy ones.  unfortunately that means using just a bit of fabric ink each time and doing multiple passes over the stencil…. ughhhh the impatient part of me gets uber annoyed at how long this takes!  i really like how the design looks on a blank canvas bag however, so i will suffer through it until the end!  i’m still in the middle of this project, but here’s what looks like so far:


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